• Termo Çelik serves to its customers on project, engineering, design, and warranty issues with its experienced personnel. Its internal, experienced engineers successfully carry out the project and engineering activities in respect of the energy plants. Termo Çelik continues its activities in a grave perfectionism, such as, system designation, projection, design, technical specification preparation, cost analyses, feasibility works, so as to solve the problems in conjunction with energy. With the help of computers, system designations are finished in a very little while thanks to the expert engineers. The systems are wholly presented to the customer after being produced and mounted by the expert technical staff. The systems completed and mounted are under our company's guaranty and desired components will be available from our stocks as soon as possible even after the expiration date exceeds. Upon many systems and projects abroad, our export department serves as supervisor and they carry out complete delivery of the goods. It has necessary documents in the countries it exports, in connection with the abroad projects of production and montage, taken from the respective authorities.